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Automatic welding
Organization of work
of automatic welding
Project development; selection and transportation of personnel, equipment, special equipment and vehicles; placement of personnel; organization of the work process.
Welding works
Performing welding and installation works on the construction sites of main pipelines.
Checking and servicing equipment on site
Ensuring technical serviceability and uninterrupted operation of equipment at the facility by monitoring operation, timely servicing and repair of equipment.
Non-destructive testing
Radiographic inspection
of welded joints
A non-destructive method that allows you to detect hidden defects at an early stage and avoid future accidents.
Ultrasonic diagnostics
of pipelines
Detection of air voids, chemically non-uniform composition (slag deposits in metal) and the presence of non-metallic elements.
Control of pipeline insulation; control of pipeline insulation adhesion; control of continuity of protective coatings.
Quality control of coatings
Other services
of technological maps
Development of process maps and welding procedures depending on the technical requirements for the construction object and the client's tasks
Elimination of defects
Analysis of the causes of pipeline joint welding defects; development and implementation of measures to eliminate them.
Implementation of technological support for automatic welding at the certification stage and throughout the project
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